Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu

Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu is part of the DIPLOPIA jury.


Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu (1996) was born in Hong Kong and is currently
based in Germany, studying M.F.A. – Public Arts and New Artistic
Strategies at Bauhaus Universität, Weimar. Yue’s practices are
performance, interactive installation, and printmaking. Her focus is
using site-specific symbols to discuss land, labour, and diaspora.

Yue is also a founder of Landescape1823, which advocates bringing
back art to artists through space. She employed various methods,
experimentation, improvisation, and research to pursue lost time
through abandoned space. She believed that when the world is so
organized, she worked as a mediator/buffer to redistribute and
connect various islands together through cross-communication.

Jennifer lives currently in Germany.