Sofia Mellino

Sofia Mellino is part of the DIPLOPIA Jury. She is a video post-production specialist and Immersive Media Innovator.


A multi-awarded over-enthusiastic people-person specialized in Audiovision, Video Editing, and Immersive Media with a natural talent for connecting like-minded people worldwide.

Her works are characterized by her unique editing style where the equal power of the sound-image fusion prevails, and what is sought to be told can contribute value to society. In works such as FUTURE RUHR; the first Fulldome film made entirely with 360° cameras attached to drones with heavy postproduction applied on real footage.

Founder of SyncPhonia, a company that supports and leads creative projects with social and urbanistic focus in DE, ARG, MA & DK.

She is Co-working with Future Campus Ruhr and global organizations that are willing to improve daily life through the power of Art, Science, and Technology combined.

Originally she is from Argentina. Currently, she lives in Germany.

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