Lorenz Potthast

Lorenz Potthast is part of the DIPLOPIA Jury. He is a media artist and has been a founding member of the studio for audiovisual art Xenorama since 2014.


In my work, I deal with digital media, immersive technologies, interactive installations in space, and audiovisual performances in various ways. On the one hand, I explore the implications of an environment increasingly mediated by digital media and audio-visual content through critical research and analysis, and on the other hand, I use the possibilities of digital technologies as a creative and experimental way of artistic expression. I am currently a founding member of the studio for audiovisual art Xenorama, a digital trainer at the “Digital Impact Lab”, and have a teaching position at the University of the Arts Bremen and regularly conduct workshops on various topics and contexts.

My projects have won numerous national and international awards, including the New Face Award at the Japan Media Art Festival, the Innovation by Design Award New York, the Annual Multimedia Award Germany, SHARE Festival Turin, the Video Mapping Festival Lille and the LUMEN Prize London and have been published in various magazines and books e.g. WIRED, The Guardian, neural magazine and Fast Company.

EXHIBITIONS (selection)

STRATA (with Xenorama)
2023 | Brixen (it), Waterlight Festival

KORRELATION (with Xenorama)
2020 | Karlsruhe (de), Seasons of Media Arts Festival, ZKM |Centre for Arts and Media

24th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA)
2018 | Durban (za), KZNSA Gallery / Beachfront

TEMPS D‘IMAGES Festival (with Xenorama)
2018 | Düsseldorf (de), tanzhaus NRW

2016 | Tunisia (tn), Dar Sharif

19th Japan Media Art Festival
2016 | Tokyo (jp), The National Art Center

Human+ Exhibition – The Future of our Species
2015 | Barcelona (es), CCCB

European Media Art Festival
2014 | Osnabrück (de), Kunsthalle

Imagine Science Film Festival
2013 | New York (us), (Made in NY Media Center

Toolkit Festival 3
2013 | Venice (it), Officina delle Zattere


2022 – Now | Bremen (de), HfK Bremen Teaching assignment: “Special Topics Digital Media”

2020 – Now | Bremen (de), HfK Bremen Lectureship: “Audiovisual Articulation”

2023 | Babelsberg (de), Film University Babelsberg Lectureship “Animation for site-specific Installations ”

2019 | Potsdam (de) FH Potsdam Lectureship “Spatial projections”

2018 – WS 2021 | Bremen (de), HfK Bremen Teaching assignment: Meet Your Neighbors

2014 – Now | Various workshops e.g. in Bremen, Brixen, Djerba, Durban, Hildesheim, Wismar, Tunis


2015 – 2018 | Bremen (de), Master, Digital Media, HfK Bremen and University Bremen

2012 –  2013 | Venice (it), Exchange Semester, Visual and Multimedia Communication, IUAV Venice

2010 – 2014 | Bremen (de), Bachelor, Integrated Design, University of the Arts

He lives in Bremen.