Savelyeva, Mushtrieva, Hofmeister Ribeiro


Insight into a possible future

What impact will space debris and e-waste have on humanity in the future? In this work, narrative texts are combined with merging imageries.

EXHIBITIONS Liudmila Savelyeva
2023 Bressanone (it), WATER LIGHT FESTIVAL Neustift
2021 Budapest (hu), OFF-Biennale
2019 Rotterdam (nl), Baltan Laboratories
2018 Prague (cz), Karlin Studios Gallery
2016 Zerkalo (ru), Tarkovsky International Film Festival

CURATORIAL WORK Liudmila Savelyeva
2019 Berlin (de), Low Text 5th Commercials
2016 Moscow (ru), Under Construction

EDUCATION Liudmila Savelyeva
Bremen (de) University of the Arts: Digital Media Studies

LINK Liudmila Savelyeva

EXHIBITIONS Maru Mushtrieva
2023 Brixen (it), WATER LIGHT FESTIVAL Neustift
2021 Krasnoyarsk (ru), Krasnoyarsk Biennial
2021 Berlin (de), The Forage
2020 Berlin (de), Poetry Festival Berlin
2019 Berlin (de), Berlin Atonal Festival

EDUCATION Maru Mushtrieva
Since 2019 Berlin (de), University of Berlin: Studied Comparative Literature

LINKS Maru Mushtrieva

EXHIBITIONS Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro
2023 Brixen (it), WATER LIGHT FESTIVAL Neustift
Rio de Janeiro (br), Museum of Tomorrow
Miami (us), Frost Science Museum
Berlin (de), Radialsystem
Bremen (de), Tor40
Bremen (de), Circa 106
Bremen (de), Galerie Flut
Bremen (de), Vitrine 381

EDUCATION Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro
Bremen (de), University: Digital Media Studies
Film Bachelor of Fine Arts (BA)

LINKS Antonio Hofmeister Ribeiro