DIPLOPIA – What is at risk?
Open call for media art projects

The deadline for application is May 27th, 2024

The light art projects GOLDSTÜCKE are organized by the CITY OF GELSENKIRCHEN and supported by the SPARKASSE. This open call is aimed at artists from all disciplines who realize their projects as architectural projections. An international jury headed by Gamze Can will select six artistic positions that will be shown from October 2nd to 6th 2024 at Robinienhof, in the city center of Gelsenkirchen-Buer.

— Art in public spaces

Public space as a mirror of a changing society is one of the conceptual themes of GOLDSTÜCKE. As a decentralized exhibition project, public spaces as locations for art projects are also a point of reference for the site- and context-specific working methods of the artists invited to GOLDSTÜCKE.

As part of the international exhibition project, the public sphere – social interaction in public spaces – becomes the subject of art and artistic interventions in light and media art projects. In this understanding, the public sphere is linked to the lived environment and is above all a space for encounters, exchange, and negotiation. Public space is thus not only the built, organized, and managed space, but also the spontaneous, changeable, confrontational space. Difference and diversity are its ferment. The continuous clash and negotiation of different interests and values, or even contradictory attributions of meaning, characterizes public spaces.

For art in public spaces, the philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels demands: “It would be essential to develop new forms of order in which the dissimilar shines through in manifold ways […] This results in possibilities for transgressing and interweaving structures of experience and realms of experience that aim at an extraordinary without engrossing.”

DIPLOPIA – What is at risk?

The title of the open call is based on the term “diplopia”. It describes the phenomenon of seeing double or multiple images, although the brain tries to combine them into a coherent image. As the title of the Open Call, DIPLOPIA stands for the challenge of blurring, the possibilities of multiple exposures, for the options of thinking and reflecting in the context of public life.

— Art in the current situation

In the face of profound social upheavals and intensifying crises for people and the environment, there are always new challenges in personal and social confrontation. In a time characterized by volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity, social cohesion is weakened and the sense of community is undermined. In the face of ecological changes, economic disparities, social injustice, and political stagnation, processes of exclusion and marginalization are becoming central social issues. A clear shift is noticeable in public discourse, which is struggling with democratic values and the cohesion of society.

— How do artists deal with the current situation?

We are looking for artists who find ways to orient themselves in their artistic research and practice. It is not only about taking a stand, but also about tracing social, personal, or artistic phenomena, making them visible, and questioning them.

— How does the current situation influence artistic research and practice? How are ideas and concepts, artistic content, and artistic forms of expression changing? How is the current situation reflected in contemporary artistic productions?

Creating art is always accompanied by insecurity, uncertainty, and risk. We are looking for art projects that find ways to face current challenges with the means of art. Not only conceptual or aesthetic aspects are of interest, but also projects that are emotionally or spiritually inspired.

— What role do art projects play in shaping social transformation?

We are looking for projects that deal critically, reflectively, constructively, and pointedly with facets of the ambivalences, contradictions, and ambiguities that characterize our present. Media art projects that deal with alliances, collaborations, and processes of synchronization across all kinds of differences are also of interest.

— What can we hope for?

Are there art projects that stimulate attention and interest, that promote resistance and resilience, that unleash creativity and the will to create?


Artists, artistic collectives, or transdisciplinary projects are invited to apply. The proposed projects can deal with all the outlined aspects as a kind of world laboratory or, in the sense of the butterfly effect, deal with individual micro-components of the current situation. All artistic media such as drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, film, animation, or mapping that can be implemented as an architectural projection are permitted.

GOLDSTÜCKE Light Art Projects Gelsenkirchen

GOLDSTÜCKE is an international art project focusing on light and light-based media in the arts. They take place at decentralized locations in the city center of Gelsenkirchen Buer, including the art museum, the historic “Schauburg” cinema, the Propsteikirche St. Urbanus church, and the “Werkstatt” art and culture center. They are a platform for social life.


The projection surface is the SPARKASSE building in Gelsenkirchen-Buer opposite the Robinienhof. Smaller stores and residential buildings surround the Robinienhof. You can find the location here Google Maps


The projection will be realized with a 20.000 Ansi Lumen projector. A sound system will be available on site.

You can find the dimensions here: OC Technical Information

To receive a template for pixel-perfect work, please send us an e-mail to diplopia@goldstuecke.net


The six best projects will be presented during GOLDSTÜCKE. The Licht Kunst Projekte Gelsenkirchen is a decentralized exhibition project in the city center of Gelsenkirchen-Buer, which has been realized by the city of Gelsenkirchen since 2019. This year’s edition will take place from October 2nd to 6th under the artistic direction of Bettina Pelz.


27 MAY 2024 Closing date for entries
24 JUN 2024 Announcement of the exhibition selection
23 SEP 2024 Deadline for submission of final exhibition projects
2 – 6 OCT 2024 Exhibition period

Gamze Can is the curator of the DIPLOPIA Open Calls. The OPEN CALL jury consists of Jan Herman de Boer (nl), Sofia Mellino (arg/de), Feyrouz Nouri (tn), Lorenz Potthast (de), Martina Stella (it/fr), Lena Weisner (de) and Jennifer Yue Yuen Yu (hk/de). The jury is supported by Aymen Gharbi (tn) and Bettina Pelz (de).


All works selected by the jury will be presented in the GOLDSTÜCKE online catalog.


The six works selected by the jury will be awarded €500 each.
A detailed text and photo documentation will be created for each exhibition project.
The selected artists are invited to propose a site-specific art project for the next edition of GOLDSTÜCKE.


Applicants must clarify all copyright issues in advance and secure the performance rights.
No additional remuneration is provided.

Submissions can be existing or new projects. For new projects, we ask for a concept and some images that allow us to understand the content and visual qualities of the project. Final projects must be submitted by 23. SEP 2024. For existing projects, please share the exhibition history with us.

DIPLOPIA is open to both individual and group projects.

Submissions containing racist, sexist, or violent images, symbols, or content will be excluded from the open call.

Participation in the DIPLOPIA Open Call is free of charge and takes place exclusively online. Submissions will only be considered valid for the competition if they are completed and submitted online. After the successful submission of all documents, a confirmation of participation will be displayed.

An independent jury will select the best proposals, which will be presented in Gelsenkirchen-Buer from October 2 to 6, 2024. The jury’s decisions cannot be contested.


May 27, 2024

Existing or new projects can be submitted. New projects can be submitted as a concept. If selected, the project must be completed by September 23, 2024. During this period, the jury members, all of whom are artists or curators, will be available to answer questions and support the development process.


Your name
E-mail address
Artistic position/statement
2 to 3 work samples with short descriptions and images
Sample image material (300 dpi)
Title of the work
Year of creation
Concept of the work/description of the work
Sample image material (300 dpi)


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The DIPLOPIA Open Call is organized by the CITY OF GELSENKIRCHEN and supported by the Sparkasse Foundation Gelsenkirchen.
Gamze Can (DIPLOPIA Curator) and Bettina Pelz (GOLDSTÜCKE Artistic Director) have developed the concept.