Martina Stella

Martina Stella is part of the DIPLOPIA Jury.


Martina Stella is a multimedia artist. Graduated in photography and contemporary art, she specializes in Architecture and scenographies at ENSA-PB. Her theoretical research focuses on video mapping as a tool serving contemporary art, questioning the role of projection in exhibition and public spaces. For her, research and creation are intrinsically linked to technical knowledge, which she acquired while working as an audiovisual technician at the Atelier des Lumières. Her artistic practice focuses on writing as a visual arts tool, questioning the relationships between text, image, and space established by new technologies and digital scenographic devices. Editor of Revue AS and the Video Mapping European Center, she teaches in the “Création Numérique” master’s program at Sorbonne Paris Nord University.


2023 | Bologna (it), Nopalco, Multimedia festival, DAS

from 2023 | Rome (it), Sei trame asemiche, Collective exhibition, Villa Mondragone

2023 | Milano (it), Alingue e apostrofi, Collective exhibition, Stecca 3

from 2023 | Bologna (it), Cheap Festival “Agitatevi”, Collective exhibition in public space

2022 | Bruxelles (be), Avant la lettre, Collective exhibition, K.L.8. Gallery

2022 | Trieste (it), Terra in trasformazione, Collective exhibition, Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio

2021 | Lugano (ch), Wopart International – Drawing on paper fair, Personal exhibition, Represented by Rizomi Arte gallery

2021 | Parma (it), Semico Asemico, Collective exhibition, Galleria Rizomi Arte

2021 | Trieste (it), L’Orizzonte negativo, Personal exhibition, Co-produced by OGS, Oceanography Institute and Gruppo 78, Sala Fittke

2021 | Paris (fr), Précipité, Collective exhibition, Mains d’Oeuvres

2020| Art Verona, Personal exhibition, Represented by Rizomi Arte gallery, online

2020 – 2021 | Ginevra (ch), Écrire en dessinant, Collective exhibition, Centre d’Art Contemporain de Genève



2024 | Les espaces immersifs, Round table, Colloque « Pour d’autres espèces d’espaces Penser, produire, pratiquer l’espace en arts numériques », ESAM Caen – Cherbourg

2023 | Lille (fr), Focus on women working in Video mapping, Working Group Moderation with Tokyo Blue, Image Beyond the Screen International Conferences, Video Mapping European Center

2024 | Lille (fr), Image Beyond the Screen International Conferences, Moderator, Image Beyond the Screen International Conferences, Video Mapping European Center

2024| Chengdu (ch), Why immersive exhibition is a hit?,Conference, M Woods

2023 | Paris (fr), Réalité augmentée et vidéo mapping: des objets-frontières aux frontières de la création artistique et des industries de conception, Conference with Pascal Bué, Doctoral Seminar « Actualités de la notion de frontière dans les industries culturelles et créatives », Labex ICCA, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

2023 | Lille (fr), Focus on women working in Video mapping, Working Group Moderation with Julia Shamsheieva, Video Mapping European Center

2022 | Dijon (fr), Le mapping vidéo, un outil au service de l’art contemporain / Conference, Doctoral Seminar « Métamorphoses des images », Centre Interlangues Texte, Image, Langage, Université de Bourgogne

2022 | Lille (fr), Image Beyond the Screen International Conferences, Moderator, Video Mapping European Center

2021 | Beaune (fr), Le mapping vidéo et l’écriture, Visiting professor, Workshop, École Préparatoire des Beaux Arts

2019 | Brussels (be), IPortunus Policy / Workshop on Cultural Mobility, Creative Europe

2019 | Lille (fr), Projection mapping as a tool serving contemporary arts, Conference, Image Beyond the Screen International Conferences, Video Mapping European Center


2024 | Chengdu (cn), NY20+ Art Residency, Nongyuan culture and Art Promotion Co.

2021 | Torino (it), Residenza Poietica, Intermedia art residency, Fondazione Merz, Supported by Intesa San Paolo

2020 | Trieste (fr), See the Sea Change Award, International contest within Robotics, Arte e robotica festival, Gruppo 78 and OGS, National Institut of Oceanography

2019 | Djerba (tn), See Djerba International Media Art Residency, Supported by iPortunus Creative Europe


2023 –  2024 | Paris (fr), Sessional professor, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord – Campus Fonderie de l’image

2022 – Today | Paris (fr), Editor / Actualité de la Scénographie magazine

2022-Today | Lille (fr), Content manager, Mapping Stories Web Series,  Video Mapping European Center

2024 | Paris (fr), Web editor / 1024 Architecture studio

2023 | Paris (fr), Consultant / Manifesto Immersive

2020 | Paris (fr), Audiovisual technician, Atelier des Lumières

2016 – 2018 | Translator Italian – English – French

2014 – 2015 | Paris (fr), Gallery manager, Galerie Carré d’Artistes


2023 – 2024 | Paris (fr), Post master Architecture and scenographies, ENSA Paris Belleville

2017 – 2019 | Vincennes Saint-Denis (fr), Master Photography and Contemporary Art,  Université Paris 8

2019 | Paris (fr), Operation and maintenance of video systems using Modulo Kinetic software, C.F.T.P.S.

2016 – 2017 | Vincennes Saint-Denis (fr), B.A. in Visual Arts, Photography, Paris 8

2013 – 2014 | Lyon (fr), Erasmus exchange Art and literature, Université Lumière Lyon 2

2012 – 2015 | Trieste (fr), B.A. in Foreign Languages and translation [English-Italian and French-Italian], Università degli Studi di Trieste



2024 | Video mapping for exhibition spaces, Professional diploma thesis / Architecture and stenographies post-master, ENSA Paris – Belleville

2024 | Scénographier la ville, Fête des Lumières 2.0, Revue AS n°253

2023 | Sous Dôme, Le planétarium illuminé par les arts numériques, Revue AS n° 250

2023 | How many different things can a screen be? On Water Light Festival LAB / Published in Ars Photonica

2023 | Experiment Licht, BTR 3 2023, Rubrik: Produktionen, Der Theater Verlag

2023 | Mise en Lumières ! Itinéraire artistique au parc de la Villette, Revue AS n° 248

2022 | Entre projection et mapping, intensités lumineuses au festival Scopitone, Revue AS N°246

2021 | Rome (it), Dorso Mondo, Poetry comics and cover image illustration: Martina Stella / Texts: Gabriele Stera / Music: Franziska Baur, Gabriele Stera, Jérémy Zaouati, Squilibri Editions

2019 | Le vidéo mapping: une nouvelle forme symbolique?, dans L’image au-delà de l’écran, le vidéomapping, ISTE Editions

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