Jan Herman de Boer

Jan Herman de Boer is part of the DIPLOPIA Jury.


Over the last few years, I’ve worked as a curator within teams and collectives like Media Art Friesland, RAAMH, and Kielhalers. In 2020, I received my Bachelor of Fine Art and Design in education. I received my Master of Arts in Museum and Heritage in 2023.

At Media Art Friesland, I have worked as a curator for the yearly LUNA Young Masters exhibition in Leeuwarden since 2022. It’s fantastic to be working with young artists at the start of their careers. I graduated recently, and I’m very much at the beginning of my career myself. This similarity gives a whole new dimension to finding practical solutions, consulting experts, and sharing experiences.

Next to my work at Media Art Friesland, I do whatever I can for art in the north of the Netherlands. This can be seen in my work for RAAMH, a tiny gallery with a large window in the city center of Leeuwarden, and Noordenaars, a network for art presentation organizations in the north of the Netherlands.

My broad interest in technical, artisan, didactic, and social methods allows me to dive into the depths of an artistic project and work toward the best possible outcome for both the artist and the audience. My background in education can be seen not only in a didactic understanding but also in a certain playfulness in the projects I work on.

Of course, I’m a bit of a media art nerd, and I love tinkering with screens, projectors, and media players in my own time. Next to understanding the material I work with, this proved to be of help to quite some artist friends.

Jan lives in The Netherlands.


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